A economia informal

Arnaldo Bagnasco


This text presents an overview of four of the main features of
research done on informal economy. It starts with a technical question:
What means can we adopt to uncover transactions that are hidden from
view? This leads to the need for a clarification of the concept of
informal economy, which has gained historical significance since the
1970's when the economic crisis lead to its growth. Under this heading,
however, a multitude of phenomena go together. This makes it difficult
to imagine a general theory of informal economy. But there are patterns
of analysis that can be carried out as useful research devices. These
Show a move towards informalization. This does not necessarily mean
that society is actually going backwards, away from modernity and
development, just that we should not expect our development to be a
continuous, linear and unlimited process.


Setor informal (Economia)

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ISSN 1980-2668