Uma avaliação da reserva de mercado na indústria brasileira de computadores

Hubert Schmitz, Tom Hewitt


This article discusses the brazilian experience of the development of hi-tech
industries, specially in some sub-sectors of the electronic complex like the production
of micro-computers and peripherals, and evaluates the policy of market reserve
for national producers. This paper opposes the neo-liberal understanding of the
subject. The discussion is divided in three parts: 1) the analysis of the brazilian
experience in the context of the wider industrialization debate; 2) a brief overview
of the policy regime and of the polítical setting wich gave rise to the policy, and 3)
an assessment of the brazilian policy, answering to the neo-liberal criticisms about
the supposed inefficiency of government intervention and raising some essential
aspects neglected by that view.


Computadores - Indústria

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ISSN 1980-2668