Uso do solo rural, tecnologia e meio-ambiente

Ademar Ribeiro Romeiro, Fernando José Abrantes


This survey begins by pointing out the outstanding role the development of farming and cattle raising plays on the new outlook of economic policies and the importance of discussing the issues related to environment and use of soil.
The increasing use of modern machinery and input, in order to attain a possible boom in agriculture, will probably have bad effects such as erosions and environmental pollution witch can even compromise the future performance of farming.
Actually, modern agriculture replaced the sun for mineral fuel either directly or indirectly. Directly, because organic fertilizers and the biological control of pests have been replaced by chemical fertilizers and insecticides; indirectly, due to the replacement of human and animal power by tractors and other farm gadgets. At the same time, evidence shows that the performance of average productivity of the chief crops is not growing in the same proportion as the increasing consumption of modern input. This is due to the constant rise in the final costs of farm products, which is a result of the dependence of modern agriculture on non-renewable fuels because Brazil does not hold substantial reserves.
Therefore, special attention is to be given to a study whose aim will be to evaluate the impact caused by the emphasis given to environment - which was also one of the main concerns of the third PND. This survey will not only stress the descriptive perspective of the phenomenon but also try to disclose the functioning mechanism of modern agriculture while focalizing environment and its general problems as cumulative consequences of socio-economic organizations. It will be necessary to think theoretically about the relationship between agriculture and industry because this is the key to understanding the choice and use of rural soil and , consequently, of its effects on environment.


Solo rural, uso do; Meio ambiente; Agricultura e tecnologia

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ISSN 1980-2668