Dinheiro e dinheiro de crédito no capitalismo avançado

Claus M. Germer


This paper assesses the performance of the functions of money and
the implications of the withdrawal of money (= gold) from ist functions in
the sphere of circulation, and its complete replacement by credit money in
advanced capitalism. In spite of being a most relevant category in Marx's
theory of money in capitalism, credit money and the implications of its
dominance have very unfrequently been the object of specific analises by
Marxist authors. The analysis presented in this paper is based on the
assumption that money has to be a commodity according to Marx's theory,
and endeavours to demonstrate that this assumption is not in contradiction
with the fact that the money-commodity, i.e. gold, does no more perform
any circulation functions. An additional assumption is that the possibility
of the replacement of purely abstract forms of money for the commodity-money,
in the realms of Marx's theory, has not been theoretically
demonstrated so far.


Política econômica; Moeda; Investimentos

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ISSN 1980-2668