As formas institucionais da estrutura: do micro ao macro na Teoria da Regulação

Luiz Augusto Estrella Faria


The french Regulation School of hetherodox economics deals with
the capability of economic systems to reach stability. The economic
systems does not have a tendency to equilibrium. Instead, the institutional
farmework of capitalist society produces stability. Regulation Theory links
the interaction of agents in a micro level to structural determinations of
system development not reducible to this micro level. The evolution of
capitalist systems is multidetermined. The origin of institutional forms are
presented with the support of Polanyi's and Brauders contributions to the
history of capitalism. At last, a discussion on the concept of mode of
regulation as a hierarchical configuration of the institutional forms is made.


Macroeconomia; Capitalismo; Capital (Economia); Monopólios

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ISSN 1980-2668