Política nacional de ciência e tecnologia e seu reflexo sobre a capacitação tecnológica das empresas brasileiras

Sandra Maria dos Santos


The objective of this article is to verify the consequences of the
national policy towards Science and Technology in Brazil. In this respect
two different moments in the conduction of public policy was observed. In
a first moment, until the 80's, the national development plans prioritized
protection to national industry. By the end of the 80's, and on, one evidences
changes in this protection policy, in the sense of exposing the national
industry to some degree of International competition. Science and
Technology policies were, then, directed to stimulate a greater participation
of the private sector in the search for modernization strategies. The article
was divided in three parts. The first exposes the main C&T policies, the
second analyses some empirical evidence about this subject. Finally, the
third part studies the allocation of investment in technological capacity
build up for the Brazilian companies in the period 1988/90.


Inovações tecnológicas; Tecnologia industrial; Política industrial

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ISSN 1980-2668