Reflexões sobre a políticas de apoio às pequenas empresas brasileiras no período recente

Maria Cristina A. F. de Souza, Marisa dos Reis A. Botelho


The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the policy actions for
the Brazilian small enterprises in recent years. The description and the
analysis of the principal actions (mainly the available financing
mechanisms) and of the changes in the supporting institutions are
complemented with a brief characterization of those small enterprises
which are typically present and, somehow, even though in a subordinated
manner, take part in the dynamics of the productive structure. This
characterization is founded in the results of an empirical research
concerning a sample of small enterprises. The analysis that comes out of
the paper suggests that a comprehensive set of actions addressing small
enterprises should be elaborated regarding all classes of small enterprises
in their whole heterogeneity.


Pequenas e médias empresas; Política industrial; Inovações tecnológicas

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ISSN 1980-2668