Reestruturação na área da circulação das mercadorias: o novo fator determinante da luta competitiva no mercado agroindustrial brasileiro

Maria Domingues Benetti


This paper is focused on the restructuring of the circulation of goods
in the Brazilian agribusiness, a process that started In the late nineties. It
maintains that the increase of the efficiency in generating warehousing
and communication services in general determines the success of
enterprises in the new agro industrial market. The latter is a result of the
restructuring both of the raw materials production-processing sector as
well as of the large-scale distribution retailers (supermarkets) throughout
the last decade. This change is associated to the concentration and
centralization of supply and demand of agro industrial goods as well as to
the denationalization of the assets of enterprises in these sectors.


Agroindústria; Empresas agrícolas; Produtividade industrial; Comércio varejista

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ISSN 1980-2668