Considerações sobre a capacitação tecnológica na indústria de máquinas-ferramentas do Rio Grande do Sul

Maria Cristina Passos


This paper's aim is to analyze Rio Grande do Sul's machine tool
manufacturing enterprises capacity to incorporate product and process
innovations engendered in the electronic complex. It is not, therefore, an
attempt to measure this sector's technological modernization in a certain
point of time relatively to product and process up-to-date technologies,
but to examine these firms capacity to dynamically accumulate
technological know-how that should allow them to evolve from copy,
acquisition, and use of external technologies to endogenous engendering
of innovations that would permit them to manufacture new products or
enhance their productive processes. Furthermore, this study Intends to
verify the differences and/or similarities existing between this process of
technological adjustment by the enterprises established in Rio Grande do
Sul and that experienced by those located in São Paulo.


Inovações tecnológicas; Automação - Indústrias

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ISSN 1980-2668