Produção científica e sistema nacional de inovação

Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque


The Brazilian scientific performance (according to the Institute for
Scientific Information) is the subject of this paper. The concept of National
System of Innovation (NSi) underlies the analysis of the contribution that
scientific performance could provide for the economic development of a
Third World country. A tentative NSI "typology" is suggested to evaluate
non-OECD countries. The Brazilian scientific performance is analysed and
its efficiency is tested. Further this analysis investigates this performance
at scientific discipline (and sub-discipline) level. The performance at
scientific discipline level is the starting point to Investigate the possibilities
that some Brazilian industrial sectors (Microelectronics, Software and
Biotechnology) have to take advantage from existing "windows of
opportunity". The conclusion of this paper conjectures that the Brazilian
scientific performance is underestimated by the industrial sector.


Ciência e tecnologia; Trabalho intelectual; Inovações tecnológicas

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ISSN 1980-2668