Globalização e facismo

Manoel Luiz Malaguti


The exacerbation of globalization caused by neoliberal policies
seems to demonstrate the impotence of Reason and Truth in face of
market's competing forces: intellectuals all over the world renounce to
Knowledge and are co-opted by mediocre Governments and education
institutions. Asserting the universal diffusion of technological
inovations and "modern" values, as well as the absolute individual
freedom myth, the neo liberalism ideology has provoked, on the
contrary, 1) the geographical concentration of state of the art
technologies, 2) the reappearance of dormant obscurantism and 3) the
elimination of the basic citizenship's conquests Society's direction is
slowly passing to the hands of a world bureaucracy which despises
nationalities / individualities and, as a consequence, Democracy. Are
we heading towards a Universal Dictatorship?


Globalização; Economia internacional

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ISSN 1980-2668