Globalización y reestructuración productiva: impactos sociales y nuevas perspectivas. Los "nuevos" modelos productivos

Juan José Castillo


There are more than enough indicators that lead us to believe we
are in front of productive transformations of great weight, and that the
so called "lean production model" has had an influence or simply
"covered", rethoric or argumentatively, those changes in such a way
that in very few occasions before in the history of the organization of
work did it even ocur. This article deals with that subject and also with
the need to search for explanations in relationship to aspects that, at
this point, we can only identify as problems, and that have to do with
more general social transformations, with the form and the way
production influences the framework of social action and delimits the


Globalização - Aspectos sociais

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ISSN 1980-2668