Rio Grande do Sul e São Paulo: o papel das políticas orçamentárias na promoção do desenvolvimento econômico estadual na Primeira República (1889-1930)

Maria Lúcia Leitão de Carvalho, Paulo Roberto Dias Pereira


In this paper we anaíyse, from the comparative point of víew, the features
of the budget policies practiced in Rio Grande do Sul and in São Paulo
during the First Republíc (1889-1930) determining, as we compare these
two regional formations, the peculiarities of such policies in the ligth of
social environment and the political and economic context in wich they
developed. Regarding the budget policies as one of the forms of development
of a broaden economic policy, we must emphasize, relatively to Rio
Grande do Sul, the innovatory character of the adapted measures and the
important role assumed by such policy in the conveyance of a predetermíned
project of society development by the "gaúcho" government.



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ISSN 1980-2668