A especialidade do futuro...além das fronteiras nacionais?

Mónica Arroyo


The spatiality of social processes is expressed more frequently by flows
that extend in a sustained form beyond national boundaries. While It is
noted an accentuated acceleration of wordly flows in commerce, finances
and direct investiments, the international scale occupies a growing central
role in the definition of business strategies, forming networks that pass
national scopes and design new and complex schemes of business.
Distinct aspects of the world conjuncture are associated to the globalization
process which emerges as a consequence of structural changes but,
at the same time, has the power to stimulate the accelaration of these
changes. This paper emphasizes the analysis of the changes which occurred
in the economic and politic levels, in the hopes that this systematization
could thus be one oft he forms to decipher the spatiality of the future.


Geografia política; Geografia econômica

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ISSN 1980-2668