Temas de política monetária keynesiana

Fernando J. Cardim de Carvalho


Mainstream criticism of Keynesian macroeconomics was built on an alleged
misaprehension of the importance of the role of money on the part of Keynes himself
and of Keynesian economists. Keynesian economics had, in fact, a clear view of the
macro role of money but argued that the elasticities of supply and/or demand for
money were such, in empirical terms, as to reduce its influence on effective demand.
This paper examines the traditional Keynesian arguments to support the view that
money had no noticeable influence on effective demand, their Monetarist criticism
and the basis for a reconstruction of a Keynesian analysis of monetary policy
supported by the original approach of Keynes.


Moeda; Política monetária; Keynes, John Maynard 1883-1946

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ISSN 1980-2668