O mercado de trabalho da Região Metropolitana de Porto Alegre

Míriam De Toni, Alejandro Kuajara Arandia, Carlos Henrique Horn, Irene Maria Sassi Galeazzi, Marilene Dias Bandeira, Roberto da Silva Wiltgen


This article analyses the main characteristics of the labor market in the Metropolitan
Area of Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul, in the early 90's, based on data
from a monthly regional survey on employment and unemployment (PED-RMPA).
Special attention is given to the conditions of occupation, income and unemployment
of the labor force.
The main results indicates the poor conditions of the labor force, due to the long
economic crisis of the country. Emphasis must be put on the high unemployment rate
(13,9 % of the Economically Active Population - EAP) as well as on the heterogeneous
allocation of the workers in the regional labor market. Even though the majority of
workers is engaged as employee (66 %), an expressive proportion presents precarious
links with the labor market: 15% are self-employed, 5,3% are employees ilegally
contracted and 5,4% are housekeepers.


Mercado de trabalho; Desemprego

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ISSN 1980-2668