A distribuição desigual dos benefícios e custos da integração econômica entre países em desenvolvimento

Beky Moron de Macadar


This articles presents an analysis of some of the main effects of regional
integration and identifies some of the factors that lead to an unequal distribution of
the benefits and the costs of a regional arrangement between the countries involved.
Among the distributive effects registered as a consequence of the constitution
of a wider market, the transfer of income through commerce and the tendency to the
polarization of investments in the more developed regions and countries have
concentrated the attention of analysts. The instruments and mechanisms selected in
each individual integration treaty, as well as national policies, greatly influence the
distribution of the benefits and the costs.


Integração econômica - Custo social; Poliítica econômica - Custo-benefício

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ISSN 1980-2668