A lógica de um discurso: o empresário schumpeteriano

Roberto Balau Calazans


This article aims at discussing the schumpeterian concept of entrepreneur.
Some aspects of Schunipeter's economic theory, his class theory as well as his
concept of entrepreneur are being briefly presented and the historical-logical
aspects which further the defense of such theoretical system are being demonstrated.
Two basic criticisms are being made about Schumpeter's concept entrepreneurs: 1)
the theoretical implications in assimilating such theoretical model are being demonstrated
from a logical point of wiew; 2) Schumpeter, in his theoretical synthesis,
oscillates between Marxism and the Neoclassical school. However, in redeeming the
conceptual struture of the entrepreneur on a neoclassical basis, the author defaces
the elements related to Marxism.


Empresários; Schumpeter, John Alois 1883-1950

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ISSN 1980-2668