Permanências na longa duração questões e explicação das trajetórias comparadas de São Paulo e do Rio Grande do Sul

Luiz Roberto Pecoits Targa


Assuming the evidence about the better level of the quality of life of the Rio Grande
do Sul's population compared to São Paulo's, as a point of departure I review several
of my positions about compared regional development of the gaúcha and paulista
societies. At last I use two features of the theory of poverty - they treat of the effects
of the original distribution of assets (land and human capital) among the population
to lessen the concentrating effects of the capitalist economic growth - in order to rise
explanatory hypotheses both for the differences of life quality between the populations
of the two Brazilian states considered in the analysis, and for establishing the
foundations of the different routes of the respectives regional societies as well as, and
mostly, of the permanence of this difference over this whole century.


Disparidades regionais - Condições econômicas; Economia regional - Condições sociais

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ISSN 1980-2668