Um impacto limitado: biotecnologias na agroalimentação

Roberto Fanfani, Raúl H. Green, Manuel Rodriguez Zuñiga


In this article we develop an approach that emphasizes the complexity and
heterogeneity of the food chain, within the framework of a wide reflection about the
effects of technical change. We are opposed to an approach that is centered only in
the development of knowledge inside the biological domain, as a means of avoiding
a dangerous reductionism that ignores the contribution of other technologies that
are not inferior, like Information tecnology and production. We also demand attention
to the need, for biotechnologies, of taking account of the changes that happened
in the organization of the production process. Within that framework, biotecnologies
seem a priori to imply a scientific revolution. The results of that change for the
production of food and raw materials still remain at a potential level, in a period
when the sector is passing trough intense transformation.


Biotecnologia agrícola; Alimentos - Indústria

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ISSN 1980-2668