Técnicas agrícolas e base científica

Pascal Byé, Maria Fonte


This article tries to describe how industrial, agricultural an scientific knowledge
connect to concrete and abstract elements of the process of knowledge to determine
technological trends. The growing use of biotechnologies tends to increasingly
change the common foundations of the knowledge used in agriculture and food
production. Even though the development of biotechnologies seems to fit, today, into
a model of continuity with existing techniques, its complete potential could imply a
new definition of the relationship between man and nature, making it possible to
articulate the production of agricultural consumption goods and the reproduction
of the environment. Biotechnologies, being techniques that are strongly science-oriented
and having been the cause of a long debate about how techniques are born
and develop, serve as a specially important new begining for a general discussion
about the evolution of agricultural technologies, from the standpoint of the formation
and combination of knowledge.


Biotecnologia agrícola

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ISSN 1980-2668