O ritmo das grandes corporações em biotecnologia agrícola

Gerd Junne


This article analyzes the operation of the large agrochemical and food-processing
companies in the area of biotechnological research and development. It examines
the differences and competing interests between those two kinds of companies, as
well as the internal and external barriers that delay the development of biotechnology
by those companies. It includes as the main internal barriers the negative
historical experience of some companies, the large volume of fixed assets in traditional
technologies, the uncertainty about the advantages of competing research
paths and the cooperation between firms within the industry. As external barriers
it points out uncertain markets, the problems of acceptance of the new technologies
by the public, government regulation and the inadequate protection of intellectual
property rights.The author distinguishes between "neo-fordist" and "post-fordist"
biotechnological innovations, trying to identify the trends of development ofthe new
technical paradygm towards one of those alternatives.


Biotecnologia agrícola

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ISSN 1980-2668