A conexão entre usuários e produtores de alta tecnologia: um estudo de caso da automação bancária no Brasil

José Eduardo Cassiolato


This paper opposes the neo-liberal conclusion that it is a waste of time for less
developed countries to try to join the hi-tech race. It argues that it is precisely during
the early stages of the development of a new techno-economic paradigm that those
countries have the best chances of success, provided that they possess some minima!
requirements in industrial and technological infrastructure. The simultaneous
determination of the processes of innovation and diffusion in the new techno-economic
paradigm is discussed in order to examine the process of banking automation
in Brazil, presented as an example of the specific national paths that may be followed
by different LDC’s, given the characteristics of the processes of innovation and
diffusion and the importance of the interaction between users and producers.


Bancos - Automação

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ISSN 1980-2668